Be Inspired! Katherine Mansfield

Katherine Mansfield is a Great Writer that inspires Faith Binckes. Faith gives us an introduction to Mansfield’s life and work and also asks the question: what is greatness and what does it mean? Mansfield was a New Zealand writer, and some of her writing reflects colonial experiences and what it meant to be a woman in New Zealand at that time.

Faith also talks about periodicals, such as the Rythm and Blast magazines, and how these are a valuable resource that we should make use of. She explains why and gives examples of what these periodicals meant to the writers of the time and what we can learn by studying these.


At the Be Inspired! event on December 14, 2011, a group of Oxford academics presented a series of short inspirational talks around various writers that inspire. The talks were all recorded and will be published as podcasts as part of the Great Writers Inspire project.

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