Be Inspired! Jonathan Swift

Abigail Williams talked about Jonathan Swift’s The Lady’s Dressing Room. She introduced the poem and then moves on to talking about how we can read it. Who is it that is being Abigail Williamssatirized? Abigail suggests it is the idea of the idealised woman rather than the woman herself.

She then moves on to introduce two other poems that may be seen as responding or relating to Swift’s poem. The Reasons that Induced Dr S to write a Poem call’d the Lady’s Dressing room by Lady Mary Wortley Montagu and the anonymous A Description of a College Room, in Imitation of the Ladies Dressing Room. Seeing how one text inspires others can help us to gain a greter understanding not only of a text but also of the time and context in which this was read.


At the Be Inspired! event on December 14, 2011, a group of Oxford academics presented a series of short inspirational talks around various writers that inspire. The talks were all recorded and will be published as podcasts as part of the Great Writers Inspire project.

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