Open Knowledge Foundation Resources

The Open Knowledge Foundation created Open Shakespeare, an open license website with all of Shakespeare’s plays, introduced and annotated by volunteers. It also includes essays, words of the day, and the very useful ability to compare different Shakespeare editions in a side-by-side view.

While Open Milton sadly is still under construction, Open Correspondence is up and running. It has digitised correspondence of Charles Dickens arranged chronologically and by corespondent. In the long run, the project intends to upload the letters of Austen, Eliot, and Byron. We look forward to the Open Knowledge Foundation getting more Great Writers online and free to the public.


About Kate O'Connor

Kate O'Connor works as Publicity & Outreach Director for Post5 Theatre, Literary Assistant and Office Manager for the Original Practice Shakespeare Festival, and Dramaturgy Intern for the Profile Theatre. She earned her M.St. in English Literature 1550-1700 at Lincoln College, University of Oxford and a BA in English from Stanford University. As an undergraduate she worked as the research assistant to Prof. David Riggs and as Literary Intern for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.
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