Engage Event: Building Collections 2

We’re coming to the end of our Engage Event. It’s been a great couple of days. To finish off the day, we’re talking about building online collections. Below are some salient points from our discussions.

Which writers do we want?

  • The Brontës
  • Modernist poets reading their own poems
  • Renaissance writers
  • Browning

How will you use the Great Writers Inspire website?

  • Several people want to build their own collections, reusing content from GWI
  • The podcasts are good for modelling analytical and critical skills – teachers will show them to their students
  • An undergraduate teacher intends to embed GWI content on their virtual learning environment – ‘blackboard’
  • One lecturer will get her undergraduates to make small websites, modelled on (and reusing) GWI content
  • The ‘Shakespeare fingerprint analyses’ (e.g. visual representations of who is speaking when) are particularly popular – GWI hopes to offer other literary concordances

Suggested changes to the Great Writers Inspire website…

  • It would be good to have an open learning space in which other (non-Oxford) teachers and academics can freely contribute
  • Add some learning pathways – give students some online finding tasks or suggested research questions
  •  People would like to see contextual material on GWI – paintings, for example
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