Inspiring through Illustrating: Ulysses Illustration Workshop, Sat. May 5th, Oxford

When attempting to inspire someone to read a great text, must we always begin with reading the text?

What if we were to draw or paint the text?Image

Can illustration be a type of reading, a form of interpretation?

This Saturday we will be addressing these questions whilst offering an absolute beginner’s introduction to James Joyce’s literary masterpiece, Ulysses (1922), and to various illustration techniques and philosophies.

There will be two 10-minute talks: one by Cleo Hanaway (an Oxford University doctoral student writing on Ulysses: and the other by Joseph Wilkins (a professional illustrator: Participants will experiment with mono-printing and other techniques as they produce their own illustrations for Ulysses. We will also hear some Joycean songs, courtesy of Phil Oakley and Chris Beard from Oxford-based band Flights of Helios: The resultinig illustrations will be shown in Dublin, at the James Joyce Symposium:



The event is being run by ARTISJUSTAWORD (charity no. 1121076):

What:?: Ulysses Illustration Workshop

When?: Saturday May 5th 2-5 pm,

Where?: Ashmolean Museum (Education Studio)

How much?: Suggested donation: £2

We would like to thank the Ashmolean for letting us use their Education Studio and Oxford University Press for kindly donating 10 copies of Ulysses.




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