After Engage by Roisin Hancock

It’s been a busy first week back at school.

This time of year involves includes the mad rush of submitting coursework, the realisation that Y13 students are firmly headed out of school and (mostly) off to university, and Y12 students are about to make decisions about which A level courses to stay with and what sort of degrees they will apply to do.

All of this puts the Great Writers Inspire conference firmly into context. We looked at resources and approaches that would really help inspire our A level and undergraduate students.

One of the highlights for me was Seamus Perry’s talk on readings of a great text. This will be a fantastic introduction for the A2 students when they return from study leave in mid-June. I hope it will be a catalyst for some really independent thinking for them as well as encouraging them to stick with Literature at A2. I’ll go on to offer selected podcasts and videos throughout the course and will direct individual students to the site for independent browsing.

I’ll probably use Simon Horobin’s discussion of the history of English pronunciation with my A level English Language class as well.

All this is not to underestimate the value for a teacher of meeting up with other English teachers and the joy of sharing ideas, good practice and the love of literature.

So, many thanks to the Great Writers Inspire team for an invigorating couple of days as well as some great resources that will inspire both teachers and students.

Roisin Hancock is an English teacher at Teesside High School.

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