Ulysses Illustration Workshop – selected artworks

As promised, here is a selection of illustrations from my ‘Ulysses Illustration Workshop’ with ARTISJUSTAWORD which took place at the Ashmolean’s Museum’s Education Studio on Saturday May 5th, using copies of Ulysses (1922) kindly donated by Oxford University Press


For my earlier blog posts on the workshop, click here and here.


‘Nestor’ by Greg Sweetnam



‘Proteus’ by Ian Boutle



‘Lotus Eaters’ by Cleo Hanaway



‘Hades’ by Tasneem Udin



‘Aeolus’ by Imran Mirza



‘Ithaca’ by Thomas Harris



Ulysses‘ by Keiko Yata



Some of these illustrations include words from their randomly picked quotation in the artwork itself. For others, their inspiration is less obvious.

If you would like to guess which passages inspired each illustration, or would like to read more of Joyce’s modernist masterpiece, have a search through these free online versions of Ulysses (which we hope to add to Great Writers Inspire website at some point soon):

Ulysses by Adelaide eBooks: http://ebooks.adelaide.edu.au/j/joyce/james/j8u/index.html

Ulysses by Project Gutenberg: http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/4300


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