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Down the Rabbit Hole: Discovering Open Educational Resources

While writing my dissertation for my Masters this past June, I needed to know how many times Iago is called a ‘devil’ in Shakespeare’s Othello. And I realised there was a time in my life when this actually would have involved counting. … Continue reading

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The Curious Life of F. Scott Fitzgerald

Youth F. Scott Fitzgerald was born 24 September 1896 to a salesman father and an Irish-Catholic mother who was the heir to a successful Minnesota grocery store. The F. Scott of F. Scott Fitzgerald stands for Francis Scott; he was … Continue reading

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Thomas Kyd: An English Tragedy

Very little is known about the life of Renaissance playwright Thomas Kyd. Though scholars say that often, in this case there is an especially frustrating dearth of information (and surviving texts). Thomas Kyd was born in 1558 in London, the son of … Continue reading

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Nick Hornby: A Modern Classic?

Nick Hornby’s 1992 novel Fever Pitch has been added to the Penguin Modern Classics list- a list that includes works by George Orwell, Albert Camus, F. Scott Fitzgerald, John Steinbeck, Virginia Woolf, and P. G. Wodehouse, among others. Check out the resulting … Continue reading

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English Renaissance Timeline: Some Historical and Cultural Dates

1558 – Queen Elizabeth I is crowned, and Thomas Kyd is born 1563 – Martin Luther’s Thirty-Nine Articles are published 1564 – William Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe are born 1569 – Northern England rebels on behalf of Mary Queen of … Continue reading

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Approaches to Literature

You’ve seen a couple of examples here on the blog, but our new Approaches section is now online and fully functional! The approaches are series of themes inteded to inspire student, teachers, and others to examine literature from different angles. Each … Continue reading

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The Lost Generation

World War I, originally called the Great War, resulted in more than nine million deaths. The official starting point was the assassination of the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria. However, this was simply the spark … Continue reading

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